Victorian Greens visit Kamarooka

On Sunday 18 February several members of the Victorian Greens Party journeyed to Kamarooka to inspect the work that the NUFG has undertaken in revegetating saline land.


The Greens met with several members of the NUFG on the site and learnt from them (1) the history of the saline land, (2) how NUFG had initiated the project, (3) the landscape processes causing salinity in the region, (4) how NUFG had planned and initiated the various works, and (5) how the NUFG has been monitoring the site to report and record progress in restoring the degraded land.


The NUFG members also had the opportunity to talk to the Greens about how they function as a group.    


The visitors were very impressed that so much could be achieved with relatively modest funding from the National Landcare Program.   


Images from the visit are posted below. 



Phil Dyson & Greens at Kamarooka Feb 2007.jpg (116028 bytes) DSCF0350.JPG (79522 bytes) DSCF0355.JPG (84184 bytes) DSCF0353.JPG (98396 bytes)
Greens view rainfall and groundwater recording instrumentation Discussion with NUFG members Discussion with NUFG members NUFG and Greens members listening to the discussion