Sheep Grazing Kamarooka
Saltbush - Autumn 2006

About two years ago with support from the National Landcare Program the NUFG set about the task of establishing perennial saltbush, native trees and native grasses on and adjacent severely degraded salt affected land at Kamarooka. 

The results of the NUFG efforts are today simply amazing and perhaps unprecedented in eastern Australia.  Badly salt affected land that has lain barren for more than fifty years has sprung to life again.  Old Man Saltbush thrives along with other halophytes and young native trees now stand two to three metres tall along the margins of the most degraded land.

It is difficult to describe this transformation. One simply has to see the site to understand how the land has changed  If you cannot visit the site in person perhaps the next best thing is to have a look at the following videos that show sheep grazing on our saline land. 

 Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

Alternatively - See the collective movie clip below

Notes:  If you do not have a fast broadband connection you may find it more efficient to download each of the above videos and store them on your computer for viewing. Clip A requires 2.25 megabytes of memory and clip b requires  3.87 megabytes.  To download the videos simply right click over the links and choose the 'Save Target As' option.  Use your browser to store the files in an appropriate folder and location.  After you have downloaded the videos they can be played in Windows Media Player by simply clicking on the file

Saltbush and Sheep Movie