Pruning Day July 2007

Phil surveying 3 (648 x 486).jpg (91869 bytes)

Andy surveying (648 x 486).jpg (61773 bytes)

Oops (648 x 486).jpg (85335 bytes)

The rest of the NUFG crew delight in hacking limbs of young trees while Andy and Phil do some serious work surveying the levels of bores throughout the NUFG Kamarooka site.  Are you right Phil? Andy holds the staff whilst Phil struggles to read it amidst the plantation trees.   The frustration with surveying amidst so many trees became too much! The quad bike was there, the motor was running, and well, he just snapped! 

 Mal pruning 2 (648 x 486).jpg (119750 bytes)

Ken pruning @ kamo (648 x 486).jpg (103681 bytes)

 Form pruned Steno enhanced (648 x 486).jpg (82221 bytes)

Mal Brown prunes Eucalyptus occidentalis (Flat Top Yate) amidst the 2004 plantation

Ken Wellard using long handled lopper to prune Eucalyptus occidentalis 

 Form pruned Accacia stenophylla