Pembroke and East Loddon Colleges
Visit to Kamarooka - 2008

On 17 April 2007 year 9 students from the Pembroke College on the outskirts of Melbourne and students from the East Loddon College near Dingee once again met up at Kamarooka to participate in a day learning about salinity and trees and sheep and the farming systems of the dryland plains and foothills of northern Victoria.

This was the second time year 9 students from both schools had come together to inspect the work of the Northern United Forestry Group (NUFG). The last visit was in 2007. The event was organised by teachers from both colleges and members of the NUFG.

NUFG members made certain the students had plenty to see. There were salinity and groundwater issues to be explained, bores to be inspected, watertable depths to be measured, tree and saltbush experts to be consulted, trees to be measured, farmers to talk to, and sheep to be managed.

It was a great day, culminating with a lot of friendly chatter and a barbecue on the site.

Some images of the day are presented below: 

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