Participating Farms

The focus of the climate change project is on five farms located in northern Victoria.  These are located at Leichhardt,  Kamarooka, Drummartin, and Gunbower.  

The Leichardt property:  

The Leichardt property is located on the gently undulating foothills that form the most northerly margins of the Great Dividing Ranges immediately south of the junction with the vast Riverine Plains of the Murray-Darling Basin.  Small holdings in this area reflect the immediate proximity to the urban City of Bendigo. The participating NUFG member at Leichardt practices both grazing and tree growing.  His well developed and vigorously growing farm forestry plantation affords a good comparative study of the water balance within the northern foothills. 

 The Kamarooka property

The Kamarooka property is also located astride the junction of the foothills and the Riverine Plains of the southern Murray-Darling Basin. This area also comprises the NUFG farm forestry project dealing with the re-vegetation of saline lands.  Accordingly, it experiences a wide range of land management that extends from dryland lucerne through actively growing young native tree plantations, and saltbush.  

Climate station recently established at Kamarooka. The station includes continuous monitoring 
of watertables, rainfall, temperature, evaporation and barometric pressure. 

The Drummartin properties

Two properties at Drummartin are participating in the project. Both occur on the red soils found within the floodplains of the Piccaninny Creek  immediately beyond the upland foothills. Both properties have extensive dryland grazing and copping, and both have young plantations of mixed acacia and eucalypt species. 

The Gunbower property

The Gunbower property occurs within the Patho Plains region of northern Victoria. This a large irrigation property that involves extensive sheep and cattle grazing.  This NUFG member is particular dedicated to the establishment of large areas of native tree plantations for both hardwood production and biodiversity benefits.   

Climate station recently established on the NUFG Patho Plains property. The site includes rainfall, evaporation, watertable response, barometric pressure, and temperature. All information is recorded electronically.    

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Gunbower Climate Change Monitoring Records