Project Title:

Investigating the systematics and evolutionary relationships of acacia 

Contact Person:

Dr. Daniel Murphy - Molecular Systematist, Royal Botanical Gardens, Melbourne


Organisations completing the R&D:

Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne and the University of Melbourne

Funding organisations:

Australian Research Council

Key Researchers:

D. J. Murphy, P. Y. Ladiges and G. Brown


Goals of the research:

To reconstruct the evolutionary relationships of Australian Acacia in order to generate a predictive classification


Relationship to the NUFG:

The NUFG has provided plant material of Acacia for analysis and has supported grant applications we have made




The ARC funding ran from 2003 - 2006 for a specific part of the project. The project has been running so far for about 5 years, we began collaborating with the NUFG in 2002 when the NUFG wrote a letter of support for an ARC-Linkage grant application. However, the broad aims of the project are ongoing


Comments from researchers:


We have found our collaborations with the NUFG to be very valuable both in terms of access to plant material and ideas. The work that the NUFG is doing provides a practical example of the value of research being conducted on Acacia