Master Tree Growers Course

In August - September 2003, 23 members of NUFG completed the Australian Master Tree Grower Program.  The course included 8 full day sessions run over 5 weeks and was coordinated locally by private forestry staff from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (now Department of Primary Industries) 

During the course members learned about designing, establishing and managing their plantations for multiple benefits, including timber production, salinity control, biodiversity enhancement, shelter and much more. 

Visits were made to small and large plantations, sawmills, furniture manufacturers, species trials and saline sites where experts presented relevant information. 

Most importantly, members visited each other's sites to learn from their respective experiences and so build a collective body of knowledge for commercial tree growing in the region.

 The course was also a lot of fun.

Bogger Quayle.jpg (246677 bytes) Hancock pines resize.jpg (267562 bytes) james at Bonum resize.jpg (120613 bytes)
Shaun Quayle successfully executes the obligatory bogging of the bus Warwick Williams of Hancock Victoria Plantations talks about pine silviculture James Williams having fun at 
Bonum Sawmill
John and Zoe measuring trees resize.jpg (253447 bytes) lunch resize.jpg (266048 bytes) The Boardroom resize.jpg (111588 bytes)
John and Zoe Toll measuring trees BBQ lunch at James Williams place at Kamarooka  The impromptu board meeting
MTG bus tour.jpg (241852 bytes) Ranx 2 resize.jpg (200742 bytes) Pruning at lyndas.jpg (244509 bytes)
MTG bus tour Ian Rankin's plantation Pruning Lynda's trees
Phil Dyson salinity.jpg (211147 bytes) Marg pruning resize.jpg (396527 bytes) The graduates resize.jpg (305178 bytes)
Phil Dyson talks about salinity Marg Dack pruning The Graduates