Kamarooka - The Movie

In mid 2007 the Northern United Forestry Group produced a DVD communicating their experiences in establishing perennial vegetation on saline land at Kamarooka in North Central Victoria. The documentary reflects the efforts of the NUFG in returning land degraded by salt for more than fifty years to productive agriculture, farm forestry and habitat for native flora and fauna.  It demonstrates the commitment and passion of the NUFG community working together in partnership with the National Landcare Program to integrate low rainfall farm forestry into sustainable dryland farming in North Central Victoria.


Kamarooka Movie - Part 1

Kamarooka Movie - Part 2

Left: Zoe Toll from the Northern United Forestry Group presents Doctor Sharman Stone MP (Federal Minister for Workplace Participation) with a bouquet of flowers collected from her Australian native tree plantation at Gunbower. The presentation followed the launch of the NUFG Kamarooka DVD.