Kamarooka Bird Survey 

Interest in the birds frequenting the NUFG project site and surrounding areas has grown considerably since the revegetation work commenced some three years ago. 

Whilst regularly visiting the site to monitor changes in the site before and after revegetation there were frequent observations of Brown Falcons searching for prey, flocks of galahs, parrots chirping in the trees, chats flitting in and out of the young vegetation and a vast range of other species. Observations of a Turquoise parrot family were particularly exciting.  

The relationship between the bird population and small areas of ancient remnant vegetation (largely Grey Box) soon became very apparent. The significance of the old trees with their hollow limbs was undeniable in terms of providing habitat and nesting opportunities.  

These observations led the NUFG to become interested in understanding how their re-vegetation activities might contribute in terms of sustaining biodiversity. Ultimately the group took the decision to invest in a bird survey that would not only establish the species using the site, but also set up the necessary technology required to systematically repeat the survey as the NUFG revegetation continued to mature.  

Accordingly, please find attached the first bird survey for the NUFG Project site. We are very proud of this work and very appreciative of the considerable effort afforded by our surveyor 
Mr. Richard Retallick.

If you have any comments on the work we would love to hear from you. 
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Link to the inaugural NUFG Kamarooka Bird Survey (2.9 Mb)

Note: This is a large file (3Mb) and may take a few minutes to download