Dunluce Groundwater Records


Groundwater monitoring resumed in August 2015.  The site had been monitored by Alex Wiseman for many years extending from the 1990s through to the early stages of the new millennium. The bores are now being monitored by Alex's daughter Dianne and her husband Dan (Mullins). They are being read seasonally.  


Bore Location Map (geological)

All groundwater records from the Dunluce catchment

Bores with shallow groundwater in the Dunluce catchment

Groundwater trends at Dunluce

Recent groundwater levels recorded at Dunluce reveal a falling watertable consistent with a drying climate that first became evident in 1996. Several bores are now dry including 5121, 5122 and 5124. Bores recording shallower groundwater are displayed above at a more detailed scale to demonstrate trends more clearly.

Little or no groundwater recharge has occurred since August 2015 other than during the wet spring of 2016.  At that time groundwater within the fractured metamorphic rocks at the base of of the Black Range rose by more than a metre as seen in deep bore 38.  The same pattern, but a little more subdued, was recorded in deep bore 37 within the lower landscaoe in granitic terrain. The similarity in response supports the assertion that salinity and groundwater issues within the granitic terrain stem from groundwater inflows from the metamorphic aureole that forms the Black Range above the granite lands.


Dan Mullins measuring depth to watertable at Dunluce