Birds of Kamarooka

The images below are of birds commonly found at Kamarooka, although
not all photos have been taken in the immediate area.

Note: These photographs are supplied by Roger Standen from his personal collection. 
They are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without Roger's permission.    

Common Bronzewing.jpg (177968 bytes) Galahs & Long-billed Corella.jpg (302201 bytes) Grey Butcherbird (immature).jpg (164482 bytes) Little Eagle.jpg (125633 bytes)
Common Bronzewing Galahs and Little Corellas Grey Butcherbird
Little Eagle
Magpie-lark.jpg (292925 bytes) Pied Butcherbird.jpg (116281 bytes) Red-rumped Parrot.jpg (276255 bytes) Striated Pardalote (adult).jpg (173739 bytes)
Magpie-lark Pied Butcherbird Red-rumped Parrot Striated Pardalote
Striated Pardalote (immature).jpg (119716 bytes) White-faced Heron.jpg (150421 bytes) White-plumed Honeyeater.jpg (417371 bytes) Willie Wagtail.jpg (232634 bytes)
Striated Pardalote
White-faced Heron White-plumed Honeyeater Willie Wagtail
White-fronted Chat 1.jpg (154784 bytes) RS black-faced cuckoo-shrike.jpg (157981 bytes) RS brown falcon (flight).jpg (83280 bytes) RS brown goshawk (imm).jpg (449842 bytes)
White-fronted Chat Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike Brown Falcon Brown Goshawk (immature)
RS brown goshawk(ad).jpg (224888 bytes) RS brown-headed honeyeater.jpg (286276 bytes) RS cockatiel.jpg (47688 bytes) RS crested pigeon.jpg (51934 bytes)
Brown Goshawk (adult) Brown-headed Honeyeater Cockatiel Crested Pigeon
RS eastern rosella.jpg (66269 bytes) RS hobby.jpg (124124 bytes) RS long-billed corella.jpg (92276 bytes) RS masked woodswallow.jpg (52804 bytes)
Eastern Rosella Hobby Long-billed Corella Masked Woodawallow
RS musk lorikeet.jpg (234576 bytes) RS nankeen kestrel.jpg (161913 bytes) RS noisy miner.jpg (145524 bytes) RS red wattlebird.jpg (134291 bytes)
Musk Lorikeet Nankeen Kestrel Noisy Miner Red Watllebird
RS restless flycatcher.jpg (174490 bytes) RS rufous whistler1.jpg (171103 bytes) RS singing bushlark.jpg (153686 bytes) RS singing honeyeater.jpg (244024 bytes)
Restless Flycatcher Rufous Whistler Horsfield's Bushlark Singing Honeyeater
RS stubble quail.jpg (71427 bytes) RS superb fairy-wren.jpg (242020 bytes) RS wedge-tailed eagle.jpg (24471 bytes) RS weebill.jpg (58656 bytes)
Stubble Quail Superb Fairy Wren Wedge-tailed Eagle Weebill
RS welcome swallow.jpg (213103 bytes) RS white-winged triller.jpg (59320 bytes)    
Welcome Swallow White-winged Triller