Bendigo Field Naturalist Club Visit Kamarooka Project

On Saturday 23 June 2007 twelve members of the Bendigo Field Naturalist Club visited the NUFG Kamarooka project during an excursion focussing on landforms and vegetation in the foothills and adjacent plains in north central and northern Victoria.  At Kamarooka they inspected salinity problems and learnt of the history of their development and their relationship to landforms and groundwater systems and land use.

The group spent a couple of hours discovering the revegetation activities that the NUFG had established on the site, and wandering around the land observing the plants and animals that now inhabit the area. 

One of the highlights of the day was the discovery of the dens of several trapdoor spiders on the site. See the image below.


Field Naturalist members coax a trapdoor spider living in saline 
land within range of the camera