Final Reports for Project RENEW


About five years ago a small group of people from a range of organisations came together recognising the opportunity to build community wellbeing out of programs that regenerate the health of degraded lands.  To a large extent they were inspired by the Northern United Forestry Group in their efforts to rehabilitate saline land at Kamarooka about 30 kilometres north of Bendigo. 

The consortium comprising key people from the City of Greater Bendigo, LaTrobe University, the Northern United Forestry Group, and the North Central Catchment Management Authority captured the interest of the Helen Macpherson Smith Trust.  The trust ultimately awarded the consortium $300,000 over three years to pursue their interest in land protection and community wellbeing in north central and northern Victoria. 

The RENEW consortium chose to work with and support two community groups. One at Dunluce in difficult granitic terrain northwest of Maryborough, and the other in the Ironbark Gully in urban Bendigo.

The following reports document the RENEW experiences in these two areas. The first along with its appendices outline the overall project in both areas, whilst the second is a dissertation discussing the social aspects of the experience.

The reports are presented herein for the purpose of documenting what was done, what was achieved and for clarity and transparency. 

The reports include the following: 


        Project Report 1 - Building the Health of Regional Communities

            Appendix A

             Appendix B  (40 Mbytes) 

             Appendix C

        Project Report 2 - Community Engagement and Wellbeing