E-farmer is a prototype web-based mapping tool that affords people within an interest in land management the opportunity to explore both property and catchment based information.  It has been championed by the North Central Catchment Authority in a partnership with the  Department of Primary Industries and the Department of Sustainability and Environment.

E-farmer is more than a simple lookup system that affords individuals access to spatial information normally found only with Government agencies. It comprises the elements of a geographic information system that allows users to interactively develop their own maps. Accordingly it supports their needs in terms of property/farm planning.

E-farmer allows users access to property and title information and the facility to overlay this information upon other data layers including high resolution satellite imagery and a range of biophysical data sets.

The e-farmer package is useful to the NUFG in the climate change project in that it affords the opportunity to resolve at both property and regional scales the land use land management activities most likely to influence the water balance in an altered climatic regime. 

NUFG members experienced their first training session in the use and application of e-farmer at the East Loddon College in the evening of 7 June 2007. 


NUFG members participating in in E-farmer training on 7 June 2007