Project Title:

Community based research supporting dryland salinity management at Kamarooka in Northern Victoria


Contact Person:

Phil Dyson - Hydrogeologist and geomorphologist
& Member of the NUFG


Organisations completing the R&D:


Northern United Forestry Group

Funding organisations:

National Landcare Program


Key Researchers:

Phil Dyson and members of the Northern United Forestry


Goals of the research:

To investigate the impact of native tree plantations and other
perennial vegetation on the water balance
of saline lands in Northern Victoria


Relationship to the NUFG:

This is a research project supported by the
Northern United Forestry Group




The project commenced in 2004 and will
continue until at least 2008

Comments from researchers:


The project affords one of the most exciting pieces of research I have been involved in as a salinity specialist in a career spanning more than thirty years