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Kamarooka Project Update November 2017

Day of the drone at Kamarooka

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The Dunluce Project

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Andy wins landcare award
Goodbye and RIP to Bill Gallagher
Chloe and Nick's Wedding Day at Kamarooka
Farm Forestry Workshop 12 October
Last Child in the Woods 28 September

Kamarooka Project
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Last child in the woods
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Waterwatch Gold Schools come to Kamarooka
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Sugar Gum under the microscope 
Sheep grazing Kamarooka saltbush

Mac Hay visits Kamarooka

Master Tree Grower course 2003

Kamarooka the movie

Bill Gallagher's family visit Kamarooka
Kamarooka Project Review April 2015

Kamarooka Project Review 2014

Kamarooka Project Review August 2015

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The Northern United Forestry Group is a community-based organisation working to establish commercial low-rainfall farm forestry and sustainable land management in northern and north-central Victoria. Our goal is to provide commercially viable forest products, environmental services, and community benefits as components of sustainable farming.

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